steve profile picWelcome to the evolution of Caribbean radio – – ROCK DA BOX.net!

Is your business doing so well that you couldn’t use half a million potential new customers?  Let’s do the math, if just 1 percent of these potential customers do business with you, wow, 5000 new customers!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you an untapped niche market in South Florida; the Caribbean community.

U.S. Census reports states that the South Florida population is now 53% minority!  The number of Caribbean Nationals now residing in South Florida is staggering. Now more than ever, not only Caribbean Nationals but people in general are moving into South Florida to avoid the direct impact of cold weather as well as take advantage of employment and housing opportunities. Because of their educational and cultural background, Caribbean nationals require high levels of product excellence for themselves and their families.

This group of consumers should not be ignored and need a special focus in your advertising budget. The vehicle for reaching that Caribbean Community residing in South Florida is Rock Da Box.net.

ROCK DA BOX.net is a community based, Caribbean formatted internet station providing a mix of music, community service information and educational programming.  ROCK DA BOX.net celebrates South Florida’s cultural diversity and is committed to equality, peace and social and economic justice. ROCK DA BOX.net provides broadcasts and crates other forums to serve the community by the exposure and sharing of these values.

Rock Da Box.net is your choice for 24/7, 365 days a week English speaking Caribbean programming in South Florida.  Our show hosts local and international personalities including the ever popular Sir Rockwell who has received rave reviews in articles written in local papers such as the Sun Sentinel and New Times and as far away as the New York Times.  Currently, “Da Real Rock” show is receiving over 12,000 hits per week and growing!

ROCK DA BOX.net initially served the English-speaking Caribbean audience residing in South Florida’s three main counties: Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade.  Recent surveys indicate that there are over ½ million residents that claim a West Indian or Caribbean heritage in South Florida.  Now with the popularity of the programming, the station has become international!

ROCK DA BOX.net has taken over the internet with it’s primarily Reggae format.  Never before has South Florida and its’ residents been exposed to Jamaican culture and music in the way ROCK DA BOX.net has done it.  ROCK DA BOX.net has developed a personal relationship with its listeners, unprecedented in South Florida media…as the slogan states “Bringing the world to the Caribbean”.  And so, the greatest love story in South Florida Caribbean programming begun and has continued to be a growing force.  In a short time, ROCK DA BOX.net has carved out a special niche and endeared a large, loyal audience, becoming the people’s number one Reggae radio station on the web.

Since its inception, ROCK DA BOX.net has arguably presented more fun, topical, current and relevant issues, than any other station within the Caribbean community.  The internet station has become more than just the “hit maker” in reggae music it has become a conduit for both local government and local residents.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to also be the home of one of the hottest and most versatile radio personality in South Florida.

Recognizing the tough economic times we are currently facing and your need to increase business, Rock Da Box.net is pleased to offer for a limited time, deeply discounted advertising packages.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Your business can reap the benefits that our current local and national advertisers enjoy. Please contact us for our limited time pricing sheet.

Your business growth in the South Florida is only a phone call away, contact us today!

Once again, thank you for your interest in the all new, better sounding, Rock Da Box.net, as we “Bring the world to the Caribbean”