10 Hip-Hop One Hit Wonders Everyone Loved

10 Hip-Hop One Hit Wonders Everyone Loved

Playaz Circle "Duffle Bag Boy" Music Video Screen Shot

We all know what a one hit wonder is, most of us have jammed to one at some point in our lives. They tend to be catchy, have great hooks, and some are even accompanied by their own dance moves.

Unfortunately, what they don’t tend to have is staying power and that is key in the music industry. These 10 hip-hop one hit wonders, while they didn’t have the power to last, will definitely invoke a little nostalgia for 90’s and early 2000’s hip-hop.


Bone Crusher “Never Scared” (2003)

Bone Crusher "Never Scared" Music Video

Backed by Jermaine Dupri and his label So So Def,  Bone Crusher had one of the most hype songs of 2003. The video featured T.I who was the center of southern rap in Atlanta at the time. While the song got play, Bone Crusher came and went despite the hype of his hit behind him.

Khia “My Neck, My Back” (2001)

Khia "My Neck,My Back" Music Video

This hit has become a cult favorite among women but despite it’s status, “My Neck, My Back” was not a favorite on the charts. Khia may not be making moves on the music charts these days, however, she sure is making waves on social media taking jabs at Remy and Lil’ Kim.

Cali Swag District “Teach Me How To Dougie” (2010)

Cali Swag District "Teach Me How To Dougie" Music Video

This was the viral hit of 2010. Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How To Dougie” sold more than 2 million copies and had over 30 million views on YouTube. Sadly, the group suffered a huge setback when their dancer, M-Bone,  was shot and killed. They never managed to reach the same level of success since.


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Mims “This Is Why I’m Hot” (2007)

Mims "This Is Why I'm Hot" Album Cover

This was the #1 song in the country at a point during 2007. The hit gained platinum status before rapper Mims faded into obscurity. Last seen, the rapper quietly released a new song in 2013 titled, “Money and The Power”.

Playaz Circle “Duffle Bag Boy” (2007)

Playaz Circle "Duffle Bag Boy" Music Video Screen Shot

10 years ago, before he was 2 Chainz, he was Tity Boi. Rapping along with an artist known as Dolla Boy the pair were known as Playaz Circle and were part of the DTP crew. The hit “Duffle Bag Boy” featured Lil Wayne and was the groups only notable track. They quietly released 2 albums before the group split. Flash forward 10 years later and for 2 Chainz at least, it was the right move!

Skee-Lo “I Wish” (1995)

Skee-Lo "I Wish" Music Video Screen Shot

The underdog anthem “I Wish” earned rapper Skee-Lo the 1999 Grammy nomination for Best Rap Solo Performance. Unfortunately, the rappers career was over before it really started. Just months after the single was released, he left the rap game due to legal disputes over who wrote and produced the song.

Shop Boyz “Party Like A Rock Star” (2007)

Shop Boyz " Party Like A Rock Star"

This hit came at a time when hip-hop artist began dabbling in rock music and fans were there for it. The track managed to cater to fans across multiple genres helping boost the track all the way to No.2 on the Hot 100. The group hasn’t released a notable hit since.

Rich Boy “Throw Some D’s” (2007)

Rich Boy "Throw Some D's" Screen Shot

This was one of many chart topping one hit wonders from 2007. The catchy hit caught the eye of rappers Andre 3000, Jim Jones, and Murphy Lee, who all jumped on the remix. Rich Boy released a few albums after the hit, but none caught the public’s attention like “Throw Some D’s”.

Smilez and Southstar “Tell Me” (2002)

Smilez and Southstar "Tell Me"  Music Video Screen Shot

This throw back hit was a staple on the #1 spot at 106 and Park. Back when head bands and velour suits were still in, the group had the recipe for success. Sadly, this group has fallen into obscurity making this their one and only hit.

Huey “Pop, Lock, And Drop It” (2007)

Huey "Pop,Lock, and Drop It" Album Cover

“Pop, Lock, And Drop It” was one of those catchy songs with a chorus you could not help but sing along too. Add the key component of a signature dance move and you have the recipe for success, right? Guess not. While the dance will surely live on, this was Huey’s first and last hit.